IN 2016:

BERLIN 13-15 July

Our environment is alive, it has always been there, around us and even though it tries to make itself get noticed, it often fails to get our attention. But, new attitudes and dynamics that search to reclaim our environment sprout from below. The 4th edition of filmouflage explores new perspectives around the subjects of environment, d.i.y. sustainability and nature and how these are differently integrated in our lives. During the 13th, 14th and 15th of July 2016 Colombian art installations, illustration and short films meet in Berlin to take us on a journey through different ecosystems of the south.

The first date will be on July 13th at 19h in <top Schillerpalais, with the exhibition “Dolosa Oscura”, for which the work of more than 15 artists from Colombia was gathered. Their pieces are directly or indirectly connected with the country through which they express a personal perspective on the way they relate to the environment.

On the 2nd and 3rd day of the festival, the short film program “Landscapes of Resistance” will take place at Kino Moviemento. On the 14th we will screen shorts under the category of fiction followed by the feature film “Chocolate of Peace”. On the 15th we will screen documentary short films. This selection invites us to find an escape through the fictional paths of memory and at the same time makes a call for awareness, compromise and engagement with our environment and the way we are occupying territories.